Patriots Roster: 3 biggest culprits for team's lack of success in recent years

Who takes most of the blame here?
New England Patriots v Miami Dolphins
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1. Bill Belichick, Head Coach and General Manager

The years of Bill Belichick whiffing in the NFL Draft and most recent decisions have totally buried this team in 2023. The team is currently slated to pick 4th overall in the 2024 NFL Draft, and the team is slowly approaching Drake Maye/Caleb Williams territory. While it wouldn't be a bad thing for the Pats to end up with one of those passers, the team is clearly needing to be rebuilt.

Not being able to get the wide receiver situation right has come back to bite the team in the rear end. Recent inconsistencies along the offensive line falls on Belichick for perhaps relying too much on Trent Brown and somehow keeping Mike Onwenu on the offensive interior, even though he can be a very good right tackle.

Selling out for Cam Newton for a year and not just accepting the team needing a rebuild was also a huge, huge mistake. I don't necessarily fault him for drafting Mac Jones, but that has clearly been a miss thus far. Perhaps the most puzzling decision that Belichick made was the Patricia/Judge nonsense with the offense in 2022. And now, the product on the field is bad. The team is undisciplined, the offense lacks explosion, and there is just no clear direction.

People are still holding onto the past with Bill Belichick, but he is the main culprit for the team being as bad as they've been in recent years.