Patriots Roster: 3 biggest culprits for team's lack of success in recent years

Who takes most of the blame here?
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2. Robert Kraft, Important Guy in Charge

Robert Kraft continuing to let Bill Belichick ruin this roster and coaching staff is baffling. I mean, I understand why he hasn't yet made a change. The Pats had the best dynasty in the history of the NFL and Belichick was the architect of it. The dynasty extended two decades, so I'm sure Kraft wasn't too worried with Belichick trying to keep the team afloat when Tom Brady left.

But ever since then, Belichick has made some decisions that should have been enough to have his GM duties revoked. The decision to sign Cam Newton and not just endure a lean year to take a QB was a weird move. Splurging in free agency for some average players ended up not really paying off. Putting Matt Patricia and Joe Judge in charge of the offense in 2022 was another fireable offense.

All while this happens, Kraft hasn't really put his foot down yet. I get that Kraft is probably fed up with what Bill Belichick has done to this team, and there are some rumors that Kraft is preparing to move on from Belichick at some point, At the end of the day, even though Belichick has a ton of power in the organization, his boss is Robert Kraft. Kraft is the one who has let this stuff happen and he definitely deserves a ton of the blame.