Patriots Roster: 3 biggest culprits for team's lack of success in recent years

Who takes most of the blame here?
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Who within the organization should take the blame for the lack of success that the New England Patriots have had in recent years? Well, I can think of one person who should shoulder most of the blame. Anyway, there are a ton of dirty hands, and one person does not hold 100% of the responsibility.

The Patriots are currently slated to pick 4th overall in the 2024 NFL Draft, so the team is slowly creeping up toward that Drake Maye and Caleb Williams tier. Who knows, maybe the team will get within the top two? For the long-term benefit of the franchise, that might be the best path forward. The team will face off against the Indianapolis Colts in Germany in Week 10, and rumors have swirled that Bill Belichick could be given the axe if the Pats lose.

Well, let's sort out this mess and pick the top-three people within the organization most responsible for this mess.

Patriots Roster: 3 biggest culprits for team's lack of success in recent years
3. Mac Jones, QB

Patriots' QB Mac Jones does share a bit of responsibility for the team being awful. His regression in year two was not all on him, but at the end of the day, Jones is the one who is making the throws. Also, a report from Albert Breer indicated that people within the organization are getting pretty irritated with some of Jones' on-field decisions.

Jones has missed throws numerous times and has never really shown much to indicate that he can be the franchise guy. Everywhere you look, even QBs in bad situations show flashes at some point. And with Jones being in his third years, him showing occasional flashes isn't good enough.