Patriots rock the NFL in this post-Bill Belichick 7-round mock draft

A sick mock draft that rebuilds the offense, and puts the Patriots back on the road to contention.
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Patriots move into the middle rounds with more nice additions

The Patriots with their own pick, No. 103 in the fourth round continue their assault on their offensive deficiencies and select another top 2024 tight end, Ben Sinnott from Kansas State. The 6'4", 245-pounder caught 49 passes for 649 yards and 6 TDs for the Wildcats in 2023. Added to the Ja'Tavion Sanders pick a round earlier, and the Pats have the makings of a very good, young, talented tight-end room. has this to say about the Wildcat,

"Ben Sinnott is a TE/FB hybrid with a useful-yet-incomplete athletic skills ... Versatility is a major draw with Sinnott. Although he's technically a tight end prospect, Sinnott lined up plenty in the backfield for Kansas State, as well as on the outside as a receiver at times. Sinnott played about every alignment you can imagine, which speaks to his capacity to handle an offense and wear many hats.

"Athletically, acceleration and speed are Sinnott's weapons. He rolls off the line comfortably and eats up a ton of ground with the next few steps. Though Sinnott's top speed is far from special, he has enough juice to stretch the seam and be a respectable threat on crossers."

Versatility is just fine. The Pats with a new and innovative offense might just need a fullback in some formations and Sinnott will fit the bill. Adding a second tight end in the draft is another good decision. The cupboard is nearly bare but now with Sanders and Sinnott on board, it's filling up nicely.