Patriots rock the NFL in this post-Bill Belichick 7-round mock draft

A sick mock draft that rebuilds the offense, and puts the Patriots back on the road to contention.
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Patriots 3rd-round picks continue their impressive offensive display

The Patriots have shored up not only their weak quarterback situation with a Heisman Trophy winner but also have added two top offensive tackles to shore up the team's weakest position. Whoever will have conducted this draft will be off to a flying start. And it's about to get better.

The Patriots as a result of their early trade with Atlanta, sit with their own 68th pick and Atlanta's 74th in the third round. These are premium picks and can again, help to fill in the offense where it needs reinforcement, which is almost everywhere.

With the 68th pick in the third round, the Patriots go with a big, fast wide receiver. The choice is Xavier Legette from South Carolina. Legette at 6'3" tall and 223 pounds is a big target for new QB Jayden Daniels. notes,

"While Legette lacks quickness and refinement at the line of scrimmage, he makes up for it with his long speed. He has enough juice to consistently threaten down the field on go routes, posts and deep crossing routes once he starts striding out. He is also a bully-style yards-after-the-catch player thanks to his ample speed and strong build."

This pick comes with an assumption. (OK, it's not prudent to assume anything from the Patriots' personnel operation, but let's do so anyway). We presume that a good amount of the cash new Head Coach, Jerod Mayo indicated the team will spend will be allocated to signing a top, experienced No. 1 free agent wide receiver. Finally.