Patriots rock the NFL in this post-Bill Belichick 7-round mock draft

A sick mock draft that rebuilds the offense, and puts the Patriots back on the road to contention.
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Management of the 2024 Draft

The New England Patriots stand at a major crossroad. They have to decide if they will continue on the path of post-Tom Brady sub-mediocrity, or take a new path toward renewed glory. Personnel management looms large as the most important function to get right, no matter who is the coach.

The feeling here is that a new President of Pro Personnel Operations should have been/should be brought in to change the whole dynamic in personnel. Retaining the current staff out of loyalty and decency is fine, yet, a new man should be able to add his team, as well. A choice for that top position has been offered here. It's ESPN's superb analyst, former NFL player, and experienced NFL personnel executive, Louis Riddick.

All that notwithstanding, it appears that Elliott Wolf may be the de facto general manager and likely will be overseeing the draft (hopefully one man in charge, not more than one, please. That's never a good thing). The objective of this mock draft is to present a draft that would be the choice here, now that Bill Belichick has left the building. It will hopefully resonate no matter who is conducting it due to one overarching principle, "consensus" drafting.

Here, the term means drafting along lines that are shared by many if not most astute NFL draft experts and observers. It totally eschews the concept of draft "reaches" or taking players much earlier than they are widely projected to be taken.

With that preface, here's a 7-round mock draft the Patriots' fans have been waiting for. It's got it all, with a top QB selected, and much, much more! So, "Let's Go!" and select a new generation of top players to help lead the Patriots back to prominence. The hope here is, you won't find it too "offensive"!

Note: Thanks to for the use of their mock draft simulator.

The New England Patriots have the third pick overall in the 2024 Draft

Make no mistake about it, this first-round pick in 2024 is the highest and most valuable draft pick the New England Patriots have possessed since 1993 when they had the first overall pick in the draft and selected Drew Bledsoe. We are all aware that their all-time best pick came in with the 199th pick in the 2000 draft, but that's another story altogether. It's 2024 and the Patriots possess the third overall pick.

You need a new quarterback, there are three preeminent ones. One will be available to you. You also need offensive tackles, and at least one if not both of the top two will be available to you. If your choice is a wide receiver, there is an other-worldly one who may or may not be available with the third pick. Whatever eventuates, you are guaranteed a consensus, Day-One starting-level player with your third pick in the draft.

So in which direction do you go? It's been noted here that the team can almost go in any of the three identified directions and begin the shift in style. The offense under new Offensive Coordinator, Alex Van Pelt has to be at the forefront. And, all things considered, there is one position that needs to be filled above all, the quarterback and it needs to be a very high pick, indeed.

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