Ranking 4 possible quarterback duos for the Patriots after Mac Jones trade

The post-Mac Jones era officially begins.
New England Patriots, Mac Jones
New England Patriots, Mac Jones / Maddie Meyer/GettyImages
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3. Justin Fields and Spencer Rattler

Here is kind of a wild card type of pairing, but don't count out the possibility of the Patriots seeing an opportunity to draft Marvin Harrison Jr. at no. 3 overall and being unable to pass on a talent like him. New England is a team to watch when looking at the free agent receiver market, too, so we know they're looking to add a playmaker there.

What if the Pats became a dark horse team for Justin Fields? The Chicago Bears are presumably going to trade their current starter and eventually draft Williams no. 1 overall. The only question with Fields' situation is, where does he go? Right now, it seems like the Atlanta Falcons, Pittsburgh Steelers and Las Vegas Raiders are the top three teams to watch.

But, New England could see a chance to pair Fields with Harrison Jr. and, to be honest, that sounds like a fun combination.

Later in the draft, the Patriots could still take their shot on a rookie like Spencer Rattler, who was once somebody looked at as a potential Day 1 pick. Through his ups and downs, Rattler is now seen more as a Day 2 or even early Day 3 pick, but he did have a strong showing at the Combine. Learning behind a pro like Fields could be the ticket to Rattler eventually having a shot to be a starter in this league.

And, if Fields didn't work out for some reason, New England has someone they can try developing in Rattler.

Note: Zappe kept as third quarterback