Patriots now know their complete list of 2024 draft picks

2018 NFL Draft
2018 NFL Draft / Ronald Martinez/GettyImages

With the 2023 regular season officially complete, a clear picture of the NFL Draft is finally known. The Patriots will have the third overall selection, their highest pick in 30+ years, and at least one pick in each of the following rounds.

It's not just the first round that was determined by the results of Week 18. The rest of the draft order was solidified as well.

Here is where the Patriots will pick during the draft in April.

Round 1: Pick 3

Round 2: Pick 34

Round 3: Pick 68

Round 4: Pick 103

Round 5: Pick 135

Round 6: Pick 181

Round 7 (via Chicago Bears): Pick 228

Surely, they will add even more, no matter who ends up being the general manager. But seven picks to start, one of which is the third overall, and their second-rounder is the second pick of the round, is a great way to head into the offseason.

It will be a critical draft for the Patriots, who could be facing a dramatic makeover this offseason. Whether that includes a new head coach or general manager is yet to be determined, but they'll also have over $72 million to spend in free agency, creating endless opportunities to improve the roster.

Because free agency begins more than a month before the draft, who is signed and let go will help determine the direction the team should take regarding which positions must be prioritized in the draft. Several holes on the roster need to be addressed, mainly quarterback and wide receiver, so it will be interesting to see how the Patriots approach that.

Hopefully, they'll spend as much money as possible on quality players to fill out the team, particularly the offense.

That's also where the focus should be in the draft. With two high picks in the first two rounds and a draft class said to be full of talented quarterbacks, tight ends, and wide receivers, there's no reason not to go after those players as early as possible.

They simply cannot wait until the fourth round to finally add an offensive player again.

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