Patriots News: Tom Brady, Rex Burkhead, Kyle Dugger and Ben McAdoo

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Kyle Dugger's new representation may provide a hint about his Patriots future

It wasn't the news most are waiting for regarding Kyle Dugger this offseason, but the safety is making some moves early as it was announced he will now have new representation, joining 1 of 1 Agency.

Although it's not necessarily significant news, it is an interesting development when you consider who else on the Patriots currently or has worked with the same agents during their tenures in New England. At the moment, cornerback Jonathan Jones also works with 1 of 1, who just signed an extension last season.

This agency also represented Former Patriots Duron Harmon, Devin, and Jason McCourty, who all worked out new contracts or extensions while on the team.

Because Dugger is considered one of the top pending free agents this season, not just for New England but the league, working with agents with a history of negotiating contracts with the Patriots could be a good sign for him to remain with the team.

It could be wishful thinking or looking too much into something minor, but it's difficult not to get your hopes up when a guy like Dugger is set to test the free agent market for the first time in his career, making It a massive loss if he signed elsewhere.