Patriots News: Tom Brady, Matt Cassel, Mac Jones, and Tim Tebow

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Matt Cassel recalls a time he wrestled Tom Brady and was almost beaten up by top Patriots defensive players

Reminiscing about the old days with the Patriots will never get old, right? Especially since they are entering a new era and their future has far more question marks than certainties. And, of course, it's pretty cool to hear more never-before-told stories about guys like Tom Brady during some of the best years of the New England dynasty.

That's why a guy like Matt Cassel moving into sports media is all the more intriguing.

He recently shared an unexpected yet hilarious story from the four years he spent with the Patriots, revealing he once wrestled with Brady and almost got taken out by defensive players due to their concern over their quarterback getting injured.

The entire story completely encapsulates the different personalities mentioned while also reminding you how seriously the team took everything during those four years.

It was a legendary team filled with eventual Hall of Famers, and hearing about moments like these is fascinating, especially since there was an assumption that no fun was allowed in or around Foxboro, but clearly, that wasn't the case.