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Jahlani Tavai reacts to Jabrill Peppers' hot mic moment from Week 12 game

After NFL Films released a clip of Jabrill Peppers greeting his former teammate Saquan Barkley in their loss to the Giants last week, catching the safety saying, "You lucky we a**," in reference to the Patriots, there was a lot of speculation about how his coaches and teammates would react upon seeing it.

Before anyone associated with the team was asked about the video, Peppers took the time to apologize for his comment in a lengthy response, taking ownership of the situation and regretting his words during a moment of frustration.

The moment prompted reporters to ask Bill Belichick about it since he would surely be unhappy about it going viral, right? Surprisingly, no; he had a much different response, which continues with Peppers' teammate Jahlani Tavai.

While appearing on WEEI's "The Greg Hill Show" last week, Tavai was asked about the hot mic moment and reacted similarly to his head coach.

"It is what it is, what he said. I’m not frustrated on what he said. We’re all caught up with emotions, and I’m sure he was as well. We weren’t happy with the outcome. So, sometimes our emotions get the best of us and I’m sure that happened. I have nothing against (Peppers)."

It's an admirable response considering how his teammates could have reacted, but because of how the Patriots season has progressed and the leadership role that Peppers has risen to this year, it's fair to assume the guys around him understand where his frustrations are coming from.

The defense has played lights out over the last three games, holding their opponents to 10 points or under, but unfortunately, they still lost the game. The frustration from Peppers presumably stems from the offense not pulling their weight, a feeling shared by even the fans watching at home.

But that's not an emotion felt by Tavai regarding Peppers, who doubled down on his stance that he didn't care what he said and complimented his teammate for the work he puts in every single day.

"(Peppers) out there every day, every game busting his butt. So, I can’t be frustrated or mad about it. Just got to make sure that we play better so we don’t have that reoccurring theme where somebody thinks we’re a** on our own team."

"Just got to make sure that we play better so we don’t have that reoccurring theme where somebody thinks we’re a** on our own team."

He makes a good point, and there's no arguing with that.