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Robert Kraft allegedly has a preference for possible breakup with Bill Belichick

With just five games left of the 2023 season and the Patriots appear to be heading to nowhere, the debate about what Bill Belichick's coaching future will hold in New England, or anywhere else in the league, heightens.

Could this be the last five games we see of the legendary head coach on the New England sideline? If so, where will he land next year, and how will he get there?

According to some insiders, like Albert Breer, the most desirable scenario, and the one Robert Kraft would allegedly prefer if a breakup is inevitable would be to trade Belichick to receive compensation for a well-respected and would likely be a highly sought-after coach.

Although that may seem obvious to some, the most discussed hypothetical outcome has concluded that Belichick would either be fired from his current position or leave on his own accord, leaving out the possibility of being traded.

Given the circumstances and the difficult position that Kraft could be put in during the offseason, receiving valuable assets in return for a head coach who brought all that you could ever imagine to your franchise is the only thing that makes sense. Despite his forgettable last few seasons, Belichick would be a top available candidate for any head coach needy team to hire.

They won't focus on what he's done recently; they'd look at his resume and the long list of accomplishments no one ever expected he could bring to a team. So, if Kraft chooses to part ways with Belichick, striking a deal with the team wanting to hire him should be the priority, and it appears it will be.