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Bill Belichick remains tight-lipped about J.C. Jackson's punishment

When it was revealed that J.C. Jackson would not be making the trip with the Patriots for their Week 10 game against the Colts in Germany, there were a lot of questions about the reasons behind the decision.

Rumors circulated immediately and suggested it was mostly performance-based, claiming Bill Belichick wasn't pleased with how Jackson was fairing on the field or in practice, thus resulting in the cornerback being told to stay home for the game.

More details emerged later, stating there was more to the story than just a bad outing for Jackson. It was reported he had been late to the team hotel before the game against the Commanders, hence why he was initially benched at the start of it, and that contributed to Belichick's decision not to have him come overseas for their next game.

Jackson has confirmed some of the details himself in recent days, acknowledging his mistakes and owning up to it all, even going as far as stating he wants to remain in New England for the rest of his career. But when it comes to Belichick adding any context to the situation, he chose not to say much at all.

When speaking to the media on Friday, the head coach was asked about Jackson's response to missing the trip to Frankfurt. Belichick responded with a generic, "J.C.'s been good, practiced well, been ready to go, completed well." answer.

It's very on-brand for the head coach to not elaborate much regarding a situation that he preferred would have remained in-house, but when a player like Jackson is noticeably absent for a game like their first time playing in Germany, there will be questions and a desire for details.

For now and probably forever, it seems we will have to just go of what Jackson shared with reporters earlier this week about the situation and appreciate his honesty for what it is because that is never an easy thing for anyone to do. And hopefully, it's a resolved situation, and we can get back to seeing some great football from him in the final stretch of the season.