Patriots News: Rob Gronkowski, J.C. Jackson, Mac Jones and Dan Orlovsky

Washington Commanders v New England Patriots
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Catch up with the latest news surrounding the Patriots as they prepare for what some are calling their Stupor Bowl with the Giants in Week 12.

Rob Gronkowski believes Mac Jones should be the Patriots starter in Week 12

Because Bill Belichick is keeping his decision regarding the quarterback situation close to the chest, speculation about who will inevitably start on Sunday has kicked into high gear.

The conversation has already been a hot topic when discussing New England's season, especially after Mac Jones was benched for the third time this year against the Colts in Week 10. But now it's becoming an even bigger debate, as the Patriots are set to face off against another struggling team likely vying for a top draft pick, the Giants.

Some hints have been given, purposely or not, by the team this week about who may be under center this weekend, as Jones seemed to be given the most QB1 reps at practice. But later in the week, it was noted that Bailey Zappe split those reps with Jones on Friday, creating a new possible starter that some hadn't considered a valid option.

But despite it all, many believe that Jones should remain the quarterback for at least one more week since the Giants are just as bad, if not worse, and present as a beatable opponent. That's the belief that legendary tight end Rob Gronkowski shared earlier this when appearing on "Up & Adams" discussing his former team.

"This game being a winnable game, Mac Jones should start. You know what you’re going to get out of Mac Jones. If it was a game where they were playing a very, very good team and there was really no chance for the Patriots to win, I’d think you start Will Grier because he can possibly give you a spark, that little spark to get the offense going and give you a chance to win versus that good team."

He made it clear that he only supports this idea for the upcoming game, mainly due to the winnability factor that comes with playing a depleted Giants team. Had it been a better team on the schedule, Gronkowski believes Will Grier would be the guy to go with because he could provide the spark the team needs to get the job done.

Because it appears Grier will not be getting the call-up, though, Gronkowski doubled down on his support for Jones to get the nod this week, stating Bailey Zappe hasn't shown what it takes to strip Jones of the starting job.

"Bailey Zappe, I don’t think he’s in the picture to start. I think he’s had his chances and he’s just not up to par. I think Mac Jones is definitely a better player than Bailey Zappe, gives them the best chance to win the game no matter what the situation is."

All of his points are valid, and at this moment, all signs point to no quarterback change before Sunday afternoon. Things can change, of course, but the fairest assumption seems to be that Jones will be under center until something possibly goes wrong again.