Patriots News: Odell Beckham Jr., Mac Jones, Mike Vrabel and Caleb Williams

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Odell Beckham Jr. reveals he could've signed with the Patriots in 2019

Remember when Odell Beckham Jr. was basically begging to go to the Patriots because he wanted to play for Bill Belichick and with Tom Brady so badly?

Well, apparently, it was almost more than just a wish at one point, according to the wide receiver himself. While appearing on "Punch Line with Marlon Humphrey" in recent days. Although that had been semi-confirmed by him in the past, he doubled down on it when speaking about his initial trade from the Giants to the Browns in 2019.

“The Giants sent me off to Cleveland to die. I could’ve gone to the 49ers, I could’ve gone to the Patriots. I could’ve gone to teams that had a chance to be great. That’s not what their desire was.”

The idea of this potentially happening five years ago is almost too good to fathom, especially at the time with where Beckham was in his career and that season being Brady's last in New England. Had they acquired the receiver in the offseason, it may have made 2019 a better year overall since the offense was mostly in shambles, hence the panic trade for Mohamed Sanu.

It could have also sweetened the deal for Brady to stay with the Patriots at least for one more year. We know the issues with the team went beyond just the roster, but maybe if he had another superstar on offense to play alongside Julian Edelman, the following season wouldn't have looked as daunting for the quarterback.

On top of that, Josh Gordon was on the team as well, and we enjoyed just one game with Antonio Brown catching a touchdown from the GOAT. Imagining all of this talent on one team makes the 2019 team miles better than they were, and it feels like they would have fared much better than a first-round exit on Wild Card Weekend against the Titans.