Patriots News: Kyle Dugger, Mike Onwenu and Tyquan Thornton

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Mike Onwenu hung around Gillette Stadium on Tuesday until the deadline passed

Because the Patriots are in uncharted waters as a 2-6 team midway through the season, there was a lot of talk about them becoming big sellers ahead of the trade deadline this past Tuesday. There had been a belief among some that they would ship off their most valuable players to add more draft picks to their stockpile next year and essentially confirm the season was over heading into Week 9.

Now that the deadline has come and gone, we know that's not what happened. Reports allege teams made calls about some players, including Kyle Dugger and Josh Uche, but Belichick wouldn't budge on what he wanted in return.

But another name had been rumored to possibly be available as well: standout offensive lineman Mike Onwenu. The fourth-year starter heard his name emerge as a potential trade target, prompting him to spend the entire day at Gillette Stadium.

When speaking to Mark Daniels of MassLive earlier this week, Onwenu shared he wanted to be in the building in case he was traded, so they had to tell him to his face that a deal was done instead of finding out online or by phone call.

"I came in here. I got some treatment, so I was looking people in the eyes. If they were going to say something, they were going to say something."

Considering how business is often done in the NFL, with the business side often lacking decency and respect, it's hard to blame Onwenu for ensuring he was at the stadium until the deadline passed. Because he's on the final year of his contract, he would've been an easy player to move.

However, perhaps it's a sign that Belichick is interested in keeping him long-term because he wasn't traded, which should be a strong consideration for the team as the offensive line continues to struggle with continuity this season.

As his presence has become increasingly important over the years, and he will be another first-time free agent this upcoming offseason, Onwenu was asked if he would like to remain in New England. He answered in the typical PC way, which is still good to hear as one of the more valuable names deserving of an extension.

"Yeah, I would like to be back. I’ve been here and I’ve enjoyed my four years so far. I can only see better things ahead."

Even though his desire to stay with the Patriots could change from now and free agency, Onwenu should be another prioritized player to be re-signed. The offensive line continues to be problematic, so keeping the best lineman on the team shouldn't be a question.