Patriots News: Kendrick Bourne, Mac Jones, and 2024 NFL draft update

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Bill Belichick doesn't ease tensions surrounding Mac Jones as QB1

Despite knowing no better quarterback is waiting in the wings to take over for Jones this season, the media continues to hound Bill Belichick before and after games about the quarterback's status as the starter for the rest of the season.

That question was asked again after their loss in Miami, as Jones struggled again to move the ball down the field and threw another interception on top of it.

Although that's a far better performance than the worst losses they've had this year, and we're just one week past his memorable game against a very formidable Bills defense, New England fans and media are not satisfied with the quarterback and want to move on from him immediately.

That's the reason for the question about Jones' future as the QB1 this season, which Belichick avoided answering altogether. Maybe it's because it's the 1,438th time he's been asked the question just this season, or perhaps it's because he knows they know there's no better option than Jones on the team right now.

But no matter the reason for his no-answer answer, it's time to move on from questioning Jones' job security. Whether the Patriots win some more games or lose out, there's a slim to none chance that he will be benched for Bailey Zappe or Malik Cunningham; you could probably throw Will Grier in there, too.

So it is what it is, and it's time to just accept Jones as the quarterback moving forward, at least for the rest of the 2023 season.