Patriots News: Jayden Daniels, Matthew Judon, Ty Montgomery and Rex Ryan

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  • Rex Ryan has waited a long time to criticize Bill Belichick this way
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Rex Ryan is taking his long-awaited victory laps around Bill Belichick

The illustrious career of Bill Belichick has been watched by all NFL fans for the last 50+ years, with a lot of focus on what he has accomplished since signing on the dotted line to become the New England Patriots head coach in 2000.

Other than signing a quarterback who eventually went on to be the greatest of all time while representing the AFC in nine Super Bowls and winning six, Belichick has accomplished a lot of incredible feats during his lengthy career, much of which could only be dreamt about for most other coaches.

It's something that made all those jealous of what he has accomplished foam at the mouth when Tom Brady announced he was leaving New England and signing with the Bucs in 2020. The naysayers couldn't wait to see the head coach exposed for being a "fraud" without the quarterback on his team, who went on to win another championship in Tampa while the Patriots have floundered in the years since.

Now that they're going through their worst season since 1992, longtime foes like Rex Ryan are chomping at the bit to finally take a victory lap around Belichick, as if it strips him of all that he's done or the respect he has earned.

The failed former Jets coach made sure to get his punches in after the Patriots lost to the Giants in Week 12, stooping as low as stating that Brady was the reason for all the success during the team's dynasty and claiming how Belichick has fared since as some sort of "gotcha."

It's clearly something he couldn't wait to finally be able to say, despite the fact it doesn't make his career any better or Belichick's any worse. But it just goes to show how people genuinely do pray for others' downfalls, no matter who you are or what you've accomplished; people are waiting in the wings to dance on your grave, and Ryan is the ringleader of that this season.

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