Patriots News: Jayden Daniels, Matthew Judon, Ty Montgomery and Rex Ryan

  • Jayden Daniels would be a great QB for New England?
  • Matthew Judon has the Zappe Fever
  • Rex Ryan has waited a long time to criticize Bill Belichick this way

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Check out all the latest buzz surrounding the New England Patriots as they wait for the slate of games of Week 14 to finish up to prepare for their next matchup with the Chiefs.

Kirk Herbstreit believes LSU's Jayden Daniels should be drafted by the Patriots

It may be only December with a good chunk of football left to play this NFL season, but many Patriots fans and analysts have already set their sights on the 2024 draft, mainly at the idea of the team finally getting their chance at a high first-round quarterback.

Through the countless mock drafts published over the last several weeks, the player that appears favorited to land in New England if they end the season with the second overall pick is Drake Maye, a quarterback out of the University of North Carolina. Outside of Caleb Williams, he is one of the top projected at the position, and the consensus believes he would be the perfect fit for the Patriots.

For the most part, the hypothetical decision by Bill Belichick to take the 6′ 4″ quarterback is widely approved since the position feels like the one needing the most improvement. But Thursday Night Football commentator Kirk Herbstreit isn't so sure, as he revealed he believes newly crowned Heisman Trophy winner Jayden Daniels would be an excellent fit for a new-look offense in New England.

Winning the coveted award will improve Daniels' stock, as he is currently not considered a top 5 pick. But that can change after the combine, and the Patriots should be able to select him if they agree with Herbstreit about his fit.

He would bring a different set of skills to their quarterback room, one they allegedly liked in 2018 when evaluating Lamar Jackson heading into the draft. Belichick's decision not to draft the dual-threat quarterback continues to haunt him, and they were rumored to be considering trading for Jackson when he wanted out of Baltimore earlier this year.

Daniels could be the way for Belichick to right his wrongs with Jackson and would get the offense on track with the current direction NFL quarterbacks are going in, mainly that of being more mobile.