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Reporter asks Bill O'Brien if the Patriots have prepared for Taylor Swift's possible appearance for Sunday's game

One of the most talked about parts of the NFL's 2023 season has been Taylor Swift's appearances at Chiefs games nearly every week. Because she is currently dating tight end Travis Kelce and the Patriots play Kansas City in Week 15, the buzz from the Swifties has already begun with the potential of the singer attending at Gillette Stadium.

It seems inevitable that she will be there on Sunday since her current tour does not kick off again until next year, and she has been noticeably attending home and away games for weeks now. And because of that, reporters have been asking Patriots coaches and players all week about Swift in various ways, with the latest being Bill O'Brien during his media availability on Tuesday morning.

Although most of the questions have been harmless, like when Bailey Zappe was asked if he was a fan of Swift's music, a reporter caught O'Brien off guard when he asked if the team had been preparing for the singer's possible attendance for the game.

The offensive coordinator had no idea how to answer, trying ever so much to stick to the Patriots' way of handling difficult questions leading up to any game. But he found it difficult to keep his composure, likely due to the absurdity of the question itself.

Whether Swift will be in Foxboro is unclear, so we'll have to wait until Sunday to see ourselves. But we do know that if she is, the NFL cameras will probably show her an obnoxious amount to remind us of her presence.

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