Patriots News: DeAndre Hopkins, Mac Jones, Jerod Mayo and Taylor Swift

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Jerod Mayo is interested in being the next Patriots head coach

With Bill Belichick's future looking more murky by the day, considering the options of who could replace him has become a popular topic of discussion in New England. Outside of the fantasy hires mentioned in recent weeks, the most likely replacement of Belichick seems to be former Patriot and current linebackers coach Jerod Mayo.

It seemed like that was the plan as recently as this offseason when Mayo canceled a planned interview for the Panthers' vacant head coach position to sign an extension with the Patriots. The organization revealed such info through an unprecedented memo released to the public, making most believe he was in line to take on that role whenever Belichick moved on.

Because that may be happening much sooner than anticipated, Mayo was asked about his desire to be a head coach when speaking to reporters on Tuesday morning. He reiterated that he does hope to fulfill that one day and even shared his hope it could be for the Patriots.

It's unlikely it has anything to do with what is going on with Belichick, as Mayo was a member of the Patriots roster from 2008 - 2015 and has been a coach for the last four years. He will undoubtedly be highly sought after this upcoming offseason, and whether or not he remains in New England may depend on what happens with Belichick.

The most ideal scenario would be to remain with the team, especially since it seemed like he was promised something if he returned. But that looked like the case when Josh McDaniels abruptly walked away from the Colts to come back to the Patriots, so nothing would be surprising at this point.