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Cam Newton shares his biggest regret during stint with Patriots

Depending on who you ask about the Patriots 2020 season, you will get various answers regarding how they felt about the Cam Newton experience.

Even though he wasn't put into a situation that would make any quarterback successful, especially stepping into the shoes of the next quarterback of New England after Tom Brady, it's an era in the team's history that many fans choose to forget.

However, it is still an intriguing time to look back on and learn more about, which we continue to do even two years later. Now that he has unofficially officially retired, Newton has started his own YouTube series called "4th & 1," where he talks about everything and anything that he desires, with an emphasis on football, of course.

On one of his most recent episodes of the show, the former league MVP spoke about the season he spent in Foxboro and revealed his biggest regret during that time.

Contrary to popular belief, it's likely not what most expect it to be.

"My biggest regret from New England is the fact that I didn’t play in front of the fans. Because me being me, I feed off of the energy of people, whether it’s a ‘boo!’, whether it’s a ‘ooh’, whether it’s a ‘ahh!’ or a ‘nahh!’

I feed off of that and I use that. And when we was in [those] doggone stadiums and it was empty, they was pumping crowd noise, I’m like, ‘Man, this (expletive) is weak."

That is something that many fans have voiced since the season during the pandemic. Other than it not providing the same feeling for the viewers at home, it was an unfortunate missed opportunity for Newton to interact with the fans and the fans to get a better feel and appreciation for the quarterback who was known for including them in celebrations and more.

It will always be one of those "What if?" parts of that unique season, no matter how you feel the year went or what you think of Newton as a quarterback.