Patriots News: Christian Barmore, Cam Newton and Jalen Ramsey update

New York Jets v New England Patriots
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As the Patriots are about to take on their bitter divisional rival for the second time this season in just a few hours, there is quite a bit of news to get caught up on.

The first of which surrounds star defensive lineman Christian Barmore, who was reportedly fined for his hit on Josh Allen last week when the Bills came to Foxboro. Other than the fact that it's a bogus punishment for a clean hit, there may be another reason the fine was handed out.


Christian Barmore responds after being fined for hit on Josh Allen

The catering to quarterbacks continues, as Christian Barmore is the latest player to be fined for a hit that he was penalized for in real-time during a previous game.

ESPN's Mike Reiss broke the news on Saturday evening, revealing Barmore would have to pay $12,913 for the hit on Josh Allen and provided video of it as well. Considering he was flagged for it, and it didn't look all that egregious anyway, the NFL is really trying to make a statement with their continued use of fines this season.

Some plays certainly warrant more than an in-game penalty, and we've seen those fines handed out several times this season. But what exactly did Barmore do that made him deserving of a hefty fine? Part of his job is to get after the quarterback, and that's exactly what he did.

It's another example of why defensive players have expressed their frustrations with the league multiple times and stated it's difficult to do their jobs when they continue to be penalized for it. It's also the latest incident of the officials catering to Allen, who was awarded a roughing the passer call on a poorly performed flop in this game.

The only silver lining of this situation for Barmore is that he was just doing what he was supposed to and doing it well. The league may have punished him, but you know Belichick isn't going to do anything about it because Barmore did his job.