Patriots News: Carl Davis, J.C. Jackson, Mac Jones, and Jonathan Kraft

  • Familiar defensive tackle gets a tryout
  • Rumors are flying about J.C. Jackson and Jack Jones
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Mac Jones' attitude proves the team is still fighting despite losing record

There are a lot of theories out there claiming to know what is going on behind the scenes at Gillette Stadium, particularly when it comes to the attitude and morale of the team.

Because the Patriots find themselves in an unfamiliar predicament with a 2-7 record, the assumption has been that the locker room is crumbling, even more so when it comes to how the players feel about Bill Belichick.

The problem with that theory is the amount of players claiming otherwise. Other than the obvious quietness that any locker room would have when they lose devastatingly or embarrassingly, players like Hunter Henry, Mac Jones, and Matthew Slater have all said the team remains close and ready to work, something that many fans and media members seem unable to accept as truth.

It's understandable to a degree why it would be hard to believe a team in the Patriots' situation could be anything but miserable. However, it's clear the 2023 team is a close-knit group that supports one another and tries to uplift those around them.

So hearing Jones say that all the hardships they've gone through this season are being taken as learning experiences and the will to keep fighting is still very much alive in the locker room.

"It’s a learning experience for everybody. (I) haven’t been here before, and a lot of guys haven’t. At the same time, you’ve got to realize that you’re playing a game that you love. You gotta go out and compete and find ways to win, regardless of your circumstance. There’s no excuses.

It’s hard, right? That’s kind of what we’re here for. I think it’s hard. It’s easy when you’re winning and everything is great and everything is going your way, right? When it’s hard, what are you going to do. For me, I just know that I have to keep fighting. I know a lot of guys on our team will do the same thing."

Considering Jones is one of the most scrutinized players on the team if he can have this mentality with all of the unfavorable things being said about him, it's hard to believe that his teammates aren't feeling the same way.

It's a good mindset to have as they stare down the barrel of an inevitable losing season, one that could have significant ramifications at any point over the next nine weeks.