Patriots News: Carl Davis, J.C. Jackson, Mac Jones, and Jonathan Kraft

  • Familiar defensive tackle gets a tryout
  • Rumors are flying about J.C. Jackson and Jack Jones
  • Bill Belichick remains tight-lipped about recent viral video
Buffalo Bills v New England Patriots
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Details emerge regarding why Jack Jones and J.C. Jackson were seemingly benched in Week 9

When the Commanders were shown to be on the Patriots' schedule this year, most circled it as an easy win. That feeling increased even more in the week leading up to the game after Washington traded away their best defensive players on the day of the trade deadline, a significant help for the New England offense.

Unfortunately, it wound up being a non-factor since the same problems the team has had all season plagued them throughout the 60 minutes of game time, resulting in a 20-17 loss to a team that looks to be tanking.

Other than the typical dialogue surrounding the game in its entirety, one odd decision made by Bill Belichick has gained traction since the start of Sunday's game, mainly because it felt like another Super Bowl 52, Malcolm Butler situation all over again, minus the much greater meaning behind the game, of course.

Why were J.C. Jackson and Jack Jones benched to start the game?

Belichick was asked that very question in his post-game press conference, but he denied either player was punished for anything or that the decision was beyond his typical decision-making. But Jeff Howe from The Athletic did a little digging and revealed what he was told by sources, the real reason behind the cornerback's apparent benching.

According to those sources, Jackson and Jones started the game on the bench due to performance issues. No other details were provided, like what those issues were or if there was anything more to the situation.

Things didn't seem too peachy after the game, though, as Jackson declined to speak to reporters, and Jones left the building shortly after the game finished; it seems like a clear indication that there's more to the story than what is being shared right now.