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Tom Brady is worried about "being a jerk" in new broadcasting role

Considering how much Tom Brady has accomplished in the NFL throughout his over two decade-long career, it's difficult to imagine him worrying about what might go wrong in his new venture as a broadcaster.

It might be an entirely new career for the legendary quarterback, but there are not many people in the world that know football better than him.

That's what makes his comments to NFL Network's Mike Garafolo and Tom Pelissero last week that much more fascinating. When asked about his new role, Brady explained how he has some concerns regarding how he will handle having to call bad games and is worried he will come off like a jerk for what he says.

"A lot like Peyton [Manning], I have a very high expectation for how I think the game needs to be played, how it needs to be coached and how it needs to be officiated. I want to see the game grow. I want to see the game succeed. I want to see it better than ever. How can I play a role and impact in that? I can give my own opinion. If people want to listen, great, and if they don't, that's OK... Next year, you might say, 'Tom, tone it down, man. You're being a jerk out there. Let these guys grow and develop.'"

On the one hand, it makes sense for someone who respects the game and understands how difficult it is not to want to sound disrespectful or disparaging when calling a game. On the other hand, generally, what Brady has to say is worth hearing and is meant only to make a player better, or it is simply fair criticism.

It will be interesting to see how his commentary is received since most fans outside of New England are not too fond of Brady, and we've seen how over the top the criticisms can be toward broadcasters; just look at what fans say about Tony Romo every week.

Hopefully, he will win people over and have a great career in this new chapter he's starting.