Patriots News: Bill Burr, Mac Jones, Jonathan Kraft, and Mike Vrabel

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Pressure is mounting for Robert Kraft to replace Bill Belichick with Mike Vrabel

Because calls for Bill Belichick to be replaced at the end of the current season continue to get louder as the weeks pass, more names continue to be discussed as favorites to step into the legendary head coach's abandoned shoes.

Just one year ago, many expressed their desire to see Jerod Mayo be the one to take the reigns. It seemed like the most likely scenario after he was given a new contract and declined to interview for a vacant head coaching position in Carolina.

But now that plan doesn't appear as a sure thing anymore, as current Titans head coach and former longtime Patriot Mike Vrabel has become the popular frontrunner to take over for Belichick as soon as possible.

Initially, it was just a fantasy brought on by Patriots fans, likely stemming from his recent team Hall of Fame induction earlier this season. But since then, the idea of a Patriots and Titans coaching trade has caught on like wildfire, with many reporters discussing the possibilities of it actually happening.

The latest published piece comes from The Athletic's Randy Mueller, who wrote about why it's a move the Patriots need to make this offseason. In his article, he discussed how it could all come about, detailing the way Kraft should approach it and what he should offer in return.

"If the Patriots, who have the AFC’s worst record, continue on this course and earn a top-five pick in the 2024 NFL Draft, giving that up would be a little steep for my taste, but the challenge of sorting out a fair value could be worked out, and if Vrabel really wanted out, the Titans and Patriots could find common ground fairly easily.

If I were Kraft, I’d reach out owner to owner and offer a 2024 second-round pick, as it will be a high one. I would not touch a pick in the top 10 because I’m not willing to give up the farm, and if I were the Titans I might counter to acquire an additional pick in a subsequent year.

This can only happen if Vrabel is serious about moving on as well. And there might be another team that would offer more for a coach of Vrabel’s status, though the league might fight the idea of a draft pick bidding war for a coach.

Giving up a second-rounder seems like the most ideal scenario since it is projected to be pick 35 right now, but mainly because the Patriots will surely need a first-round pick if they intend to select a top-name quarterback in place of Mac Jones. But as Mueller said, it all depends on what Vrabel wants to do.

There hasn't been any indication that he wants out of Tennessee. He's been successful there, and it doesn't appear the organization wants to move on from him, either. It is an intriguing hypothetical scenario to ponder, as Kraft is not against making trades like this for a coach, as he did for Belichick over twenty years ago.

So, it will undoubtedly be a rumor to follow the rest of the season and into the offseason.