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Albert Breer suggests the Patriots were sold damaged goods when drafting Mac Jones

Unfortunately for Mac Jones, the unflattering gossip and reports keep coming, and they worsen with each passing day. The latest speculation comes from Sports Illustrated's Albert Breer, who spoke about the Patriots failing 2023 season and what the organization allegedly feels about their quarterback behind closed doors.

Breer continues to be the leading reporter to put out negative spins on what is going on in Foxboro, especially regarding Jones, and his latest takes discussed on FS1's "The Herd" last week are on par with his reports as of late.

He first shared that he is hearing the coaching staff fears Jones has developed "the yips," which is football talk for a lack of confidence, a hesitancy in decision-making and follow through, etc. It's clear as day to anyone who has watched the Patriots this year that Jones' production has taken a nosedive, and his swagger and natural confidence as a rookie is long gone.

It's likely what has led to a lot of the disastrous moments this season, as it would for any quarterback in the league. But Breer took it all a step further with his comments, alleging people inside the organization believe they were sold a player they haven't seen, claiming they were somehow tricked into drafting Jones in 2021.

"They were sold a smart, efficient, game-managing quarterback and they're getting a guy that makes a lot mistakes out there that doesn't do the smart thing that often."

To suggest that Bill Belichick and his scouting team were manipulated into selecting a quarterback who just took his team to an undefeated season, won the National Championship at Alabama with a stacked offense, and is the only quarterback of all Power Conference QBs ever to record 4,500 yards, 40 touchdowns, and less than five interceptions is absurd.

It would be fair to say that New England isn't thrilled with how the quarterback's career has transpired thus far, even though much of his regression is the result of poor roster building and lousy coaching. But to allude this was the type of player Jones always was, and the Patriots were somehow tricked into drafting him, is an unforgivable assertion to make.

There's a reason for scout teams, prospect research, and meetings with players. It is the reason they chose Jones to begin with. The coaches and staff have responsibility for how and why he has regressed, so putting all the blame on the quarterback's shoulders is disingenuous.