Patriots News: Bill Burr, Mac Jones, Jonathan Kraft, and Mike Vrabel

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Comedian Bill Burr calls out "spoiled brat" Patriots fans

Several celebrities have revealed themselves as Patriots fans over the years, especially during the Tom Brady era because they kept winning. Since the legendary quarterback left Foxboro three years ago, however, not many well-known people have shared their thoughts on how the team has looked as of late.

That has changed a bit recently due to the uptick of criticism surrounding Bill Belichick, who many have either deemed untouchable or needing to be fired, with not much in between.

Because of that, comedian product of Boston, Bill Burr, shared his take during an appearance on "The Rich Eisen Show" last week, discussing what's been said of Belichick throughout the 2023 season. He pointed out how it feels like the conversation began with the known negative local radio.

"That whole conversation about him, that they’re going to fire him, is just scuttlebutt invented by the local radio, where they were just like, ‘It’s just the time.' In other words, the phone lines aren’t lit up and it just catches fire and everybody’s talking about this.

You know what nobody is talking about? Who you’re going to replace him with. The guy just coached a team for over 20 years and they were the team of the decade two decades in a row. Nobody has ever done that. The second that there’s a little rough water for two seasons it’s like, ‘He has to go.’ He has to go? The whole league ripped off what he did. The whole league has studied him."

No matter what your opinion is on the matter, Burr makes a good point about a replacement for Belichick seemingly being left out of the conversation. Although some names have been floated to take over in his place, there doesn't appear to be a frontrunner who would ensure a much better result for the 2024 season.

Burr took his take even further when Eisen mentioned the complaints he heard from Patriots fans while calling their game in Germany against the Colts. The comedian slammed those kinds of fans, calling them "spoiled brats" and stating they should be thankful for all the good years the team had prior to their current state.

"It’s spoiled brats. They came of age when we were just going to go to the AFC Championship Game every other year. We were going to go to nine Super Bowls and win six — like, nobody’s done that, especially in the modern era with 32 teams."

Although his comments may not be received well, it's not outlandish to state that some fans cannot deal with not winning. The Patriots dominated the NFL for 20 years, and in that time they were almost always guaranteed to win no matter what.

Now that that's not the case anymore, some fans have difficulty dealing with it. It's understandable, of course, but hopefully, they'll get back on track next year so we can all say goodbye to this rough patch for good.