Patriots News: Bill Belichick, Tom Brady, Jerod Mayo, Bill O'Brien and Randy Moss

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Bill O'Brien may not be returning to New England for 2024 season

With a new head coach after, especially replacing a guy who had been in that position for 24 years, personnel changes are expected to be made. Jerod Mayo even alluded to that during the press conference on Wednesday afternoon, reminding everyone that those currently on the staff are not people he had chosen to be there.

He didn't specify who may stay or will be going, but it's assumed there will be some exits once Bill Belichick finds a new coaching home, as many will probably follow him.

Of those still under contract and may not stick with Belichick is Bill O'Brien, whose role as the Patriots offensive coordinator is now up in the air with Mayo's promotion. Not because Mayo doesn't want him necessarily; we don't know that yet.

However, according to Boston Sports Journal's Mike Giardi, O'Brien's loyalty to the coach who brought him back into the NFL could take him elsewhere. Or his desire to become a head coach again may do the same.

“The sense I get about the offensive coordinator spot is that a new voice will be running the show. Bill O’Brien has a year remaining on his deal (Greg Bedard hears two years) and has enjoyed being back home, but he is considered a Belichick loyalist and may want to move on with the man who — in part — helped bring him back, or at least green-lit the return (in 2023).

“Plus, despite not answering my question about his desire to be a head coach again, those who know him well believe that remains the aim for O’Brien.”

It's difficult to say if O'Brien leaving would be bad since the Patriots' offense was hard to watch last season. It may not be all his fault (obviously), as the roster wasn't the best either. But it's certainly something to consider when gauging how vital he would be to remain on staff for 2024.