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Julian Edelman shares support for Jerod Mayo's promotion

Since the news broke last week about Jerod Mayo's promotion to become the 15th head coach in Patriots franchise history, the outpouring of support has been nonstop. From current and former players to members of the media, the overwhelming reaction to the move has been incredibly positive.

That continued on Wednesday as he was officially introduced to his new role. Julian Edelman made sure to show him some love and express his support of the promotion during an appearance on FS1's "The Herd" with Colin Cowherd.

"Jerod was an instant, from the day I met him, a leader. Smartest guy on the defensive side of the ball... X's and O's, the guy knew everything. He was always in the film room...

"If Jerod said it, you knew it was right. That's the kind of guy Jerod is. I'm really excited for his opportunity."

This continues to be a point made by those sharing their excitement about Mayo's new title.

Other than the optimism from players he recently coached with the team, former teammates who knew him during his playing days continue to reiterate the point of knowing he was destined to be in this position someday, pointing to his smarts and natural ability to lead, all of which Edelman shared as well.

It puts many of the concerns to rest among fans who may be worried about Mayo's inexperience. It's clear he's made a good impression amongst everyone he's played or worked with and has an overwhelming amount of support inside and outside of the building, which tells you a lot about the type of person he is.