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Mike Pellegrino says the "narrative is a little messed up" about J.C. Jackson, Jack Jones and Shaun Wade

Within the drama surrounding J.C. Jackson and Jack Jones's apparent benchings have been comments about the player who started the game in their place, Shaun Wade. The 25-year-old got the start against the Commanders last week, which prompted the question of why.

Other than most wanting context for Jackson and Jones's limited availability, some criticized Wade's inexperience playing cornerback for the Patriots, pointing out his lack of defensive snaps in the previous two games.

Since rumors have been floated about the alleged behind-the-scenes issues involving Jackson and Jones, which resulted in them not being on the field to start the game, cornerbacks coach Mike Pellegrino made sure to discuss the chatter when speaking to the press on Wednesday.

He reiterated the talking point by Belichick that every cornerback played on Sunday but also shared his displeasure with how all three players are being discussed in the wrong ways, referring to it all as a messed up narrative.

"I feel like the narrative’s a little messed up. Like, what did Shaun do to really earn that? Everyone’s trying to make it about those two. I think the narrative should be more pushed towards, ‘What did Shaun do right to earn that opportunity?’ Because Shaun has done a lot of great things here for us in this past year and is a different player than what he has been in the past."

It's a fair argument, especially since Wade is clearly talented enough to take up a spot on the game-day roster. It's unnecessary to paint him as a player who only got an opportunity because those ahead of him were not allowed to hit the field yet.

However, his answer didn't explain much about the point he was trying to make. Maybe it's not a conversation he wants to get into because of all the coverage of the situation. That makes sense but leaves out context that would cement his take.

Pellegrino assured reporters that he wasn't trying to create any sort of new drama or narrative with his response, clarifying that all players were ready if they were at the game while also trying to play down the intensity of the drama surrounding Jackson and Jones.

"I’m not trying to create a narrative. I trust all my guys. They all went in and played. I’ve said this from Week 1. If they’re at the game, that means they’re ready. They’re prepared and they’re ready to go into the game."

How this all plays out will be interesting to watch unfold, even more so now that Jackson is reportedly not making the trip to Germany for the upcoming game.


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