Patriots News: Bill Belichick, Rob Gronkowski, Adrian Klemm & J.C. Jackson

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Adrian Klemm will reportedly miss time due to health concerns

During his press conference on Wednesday, Bill Belichick shared with reporters that offensive line coach Adrian Klemm will be “out a little while” for health-related issues. He didn't provide any further comment and reiterated he would not give any more details, particularly due to the nature of the topic.

First and above all else, hopefully, Klemm will be okay and overcome whatever health problem he is dealing with. Patriots fans, of course, wish him a speedy recovery and hope he gets well soon.

Outside of that, Klemm's absence couldn't come at a worse time. The offensive line has struggled most of the season, and now that they'll be down their new head coach, it's likely to throw another wrench into the mix.

It is inarguably a positive that they have Billy Yates to step up in Klemm's place since he has been an assistant offensive line coach for the Patriots for the last two seasons. And hopefully, the consistency of a known coach will make the transition, however long it may be, run smoothly.

More issues from the offensive line are one of the last things the team needs right now, so fingers crossed that all will be well.