Patriots News: Bill Belichick, Matthew Judon, Josh Uche, and Caleb Williams

  • Patriots HOFer doesn't believe Bill Belichick should be fired
  • Josh Uche reveals interest in returning on a new contract
  • Patriots show interest in Caleb Williams
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Josh Uche says there is mutual interest for him to re-sign with New England

One of the main stories in the days leading up to last month's trade deadline surrounded the possibility that Josh Uche would be on his way to another team. He was reportedly one of the top candidates to be traded before the deadline, with a few teams calling Belichick to inquire a price for the fourth-year linebacker.

It was alleged a deal was nearly made hours before the deadline, but the Patriots wouldn't budge on their asking price for Uche, which deterred the teams that may have been interested.

Now it appears things have taken a dramatic turn, as Uche revealed to reporters recently that he has had discussions with the front office about re-signing with the team, stating there is mutual interest in getting a deal done at some point in the near future.

"We’ve talked a bit. I’m not at liberty to give you all the details, but it’s mutual. The organization would love me to be here, and I would love to be here as well. There’s just some fine-tuning and some things and details that need to be worked out to make it a possibility. But right now, it’s hard to say [what will happen] and everything gets smoothed out."

Offering an extension to Uche would be a move in the right direction for New England, who hasn't been re-signing their draft picks after their rookie contracts expire over the last several years.

Although his 2023 season has been the opposite of the production we saw from him last year, maintaining some consistency on the team that will inevitably see significant changes in the offseason is critical, especially if they hope to add some key rookies in next year's draft.