Patriots News: Bill Belichick, Mac Jones, Michael Onwenu and Chad Ryland

  • Bill O'Brien's support of Bill Belichick is not wavering
  • Mac Jones lets his feelings about the Patriots well-known
  • Chad Ryland's season appears unsafe with latest list of free agent workouts

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Michael Onwenu calls out Fox Sports for trying to stir the pot

It's no secret that even some of the most well-known media companies will participate in trolling behavior on social media or even contribute to pot-stirring when a team is in flux like the Patriots are this season.

Unfortunately for Michael Onwenu, he became the latest victim of such behavior by Fox Sports: NFL on Twitter/X over the weekend, and the tackle made sure to call it out as soon as he saw it.

Because so many rumors are circulating regarding how Mac Jones is viewed within the Patriots organization, especially by his teammates, Fox Sports chose to take a clip from their Week 12 loss where it appears that Onwenu is purposely bumping into his quarterback.

Although the Twitter account posted the clip with just an emoji, the message was clear, and Ownenu wasn't going to let it fly.

Given the sheer amount and severity of some of the chatter surrounding Jones, it's significant that Onwenu took the time to set the record straight about the clip as soon as possible. Other than his response to the post, Fox Sports cut the clip off before the entire moment could be seen, which is when Onwenu pat Jones on the back, seemingly telling him to keep his head up as he stated.

It's just the latest example of the media trying to twist a story or create a narrative that is unfair to those involved, which makes it even better to see Onwenu call it out for what it is.