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New rumor suggests Malik Cunningham is struggling since signing with the Ravens

One of the bigger stories of the 2023 season was the Patriots' decision not to give rookie quarterback Malik Cunningham a chance to start a game despite Mac Jones and Bailey Zappe's apparent struggles. This decision led to Cunningham signing with the Ravens from the Patriots practice squad, triggering a slew of negative responses from New England fans and some players.

Signing with Baltimore felt like the best move for the dual-threat player due to his similar style of play to Lamar Jackson, who was also his teammate at LSU, and how successfully John Harbaugh has utilized his skill set. But since joining the team, he has yet to take any meaningful snaps, and it's now rumored he is struggling on the field with his new team.

According to Boston Sports Journal's Mike Giardi, "sources in Baltimore have told me he’s struggled throwing the ball.”

It certainly makes for a good headline, but it also feels like another weak attempt at discrediting a quarterback who doesn't play a similar style to the average quarterback, much like how the media and fans have treated Jackson since he was drafted in 2019.

Like any other quarterback that uses their speed and agility to make plays just as much, if not more, than they throw the ball, Cunningham's passing stats won't necessarily impress you. However, that doesn't mean has a weak arm or can't throw the football.

Unfortunately, this surely won't be the last time we hear this kind of talk, especially with Jackson playing in the AFC Championship this weekend.

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