Patriots News: Bill Belichick, Jonathan Kraft, Cam Newton, and Calvin Ridley

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Concerns grow over Jonathan Kraft's potential involvement in Patriots football operations

Amongst the chaos before and since Bill Belichick left Foxboro, there have been nonstop rumors and exposés published about all the alleged drama that led to his exit. Most of the chatter referred to his deteriorating relationship with Robert Kraft. However, more recent reports suggest it didn't stop at the elder Kraft; Belichick and Jonathan were also butting heads behind the scenes.

ESPN detailed the sporadic drama between the two a few weeks ago, alleging Kraft was "protective over his father's legacy" and felt much of Belichick's behavior was harming that. On the other hand, it was said that Belichick's increasingly tension-filled relationship with Robert added more fuel to Jonathan's fire, leading to him wanting to see the head coach gone.

Many reporters have claimed Jonathan's continued presence at the stadium and the team began to frustrate Belichick and became part of the foundation on which he built his reason to leave the team.

That's when rumors claimed that the younger Kraft sought more involvement in football operations and decisions, worrying fans that the Patriots were moving too much into a business-like atmosphere rather than football, especially with so many positions needing to be filled.

Because the rumors started to get out of control, Boston Sports Journal's Greg Bedard spoke to one of his sources, who stressed that Jonathan is not involved in any hiring decisions at the moment, as Mayo is responsible for that.

Whether it's simply damage control or not, it's what we have to go off of right now and assume is true. Other moves they've made this offseason, like moving Robyn Glaser from "senior vice president of business affairs and chief administrative and compliance officer for the team" to "executive vice president of football business and senior advisor to the head coach," seems to go against their response about Jonathan.

But time will tell, right? We'll have to wait and see what happens. Hopefully, it's good.