Patriots News: Bill Belichick, Jerod Mayo, and Josh McDaniels

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Patriots players share their excitement to play for new head coach Jerod Mayo

Despite the unexpected news about Bill Belichick's exit from the Patriots, which even shocked the players who were not given a heads-up before the press conference, the team is already well into the new era and embracing every second of it, including Jerod Mayo.

Even before he was officially promoted to the team's next head coach, several players raved about the type of coach and man Mayo was and their confidence in him as a future head coach.

But now that he's earned the job where it all started for him, many couldn't contain their excitement about the change and opportunity to play for Mayo next season.

After the formal introduction, a few Patriots players who were in attendance spoke to WBZ-TV's Dan Roche and shared their instant reaction to the news. Jonathan Jones talked about wanting to be sure he was present for the event, not just because of his admiration for Mayo but because of how impactful the moment was for the entire organization.

"It was a good day. I had to come in and see it for myself, this historic day," Jones said. "I'm excited for the future."

Regarding Mayo directly, Jones had only complimentary things to say about his new head coach and described one of his best qualities, which will make him a great coach for the team next season and beyond.

"He's a leader," said Jones. "People gravitate towards him when he's in the building and that's what you want in a coach."

But Jones wasn't the only one excited about the news. Ja'Whaun Bentley was also at the press conference and spoke about the impact Mayo has on the team on a daily basis.

"Every day brings something different, whether it's in the room football-wise or life in general. You never leave empty-handed when it comes to Coach Mayo."

On top of the handful of current players present for the press conference, Devin McCourty also made sure to make the trip to Foxboro to see his former teammate named to such an honor. He has consistently been an advocate for Mayo's future and he doubled down on that and then some after the event.

"Change can be good and in this situation, Jerod is going to bring change but also bring a foundation that still believes in the things that won this organization championships throughout of years. But it will be fresh for a number of people. Not just players but everyone in the building. I think it will give them a chance to start new and hopefully go out and win some football games."

It's nice to hear the overwhelming support for a new head coach, especially since some remain unhappy about Robert Kraft's decision to part ways with Belichick. At least most of the roster seems to be feeling optimistic about the move, and hopefully, that new attitude will pay off on the field.