Patriots News: Bill Belichick, Jerod Mayo, and Josh McDaniels

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Catch up with the latest news surrounding the New England Patriots as they continue on with their fascinating offseason.

Bill Belichick's sons, Brian and Steve, may stay with the Patriots in 2024

Since Bill Belichick announced he was leaving the Patriots and revealed he was planning to continue coaching elsewhere in the league, the assumption has been that his two sons, Brian and Steve, would leave the New England staff to join their dad on his new team.

That still may be what happens, but a recent report from ESPN's Mike Reiss suggests the brothers may stay with the team they've grown up watching and working for, mainly due to their friendships with new head coach Jerod Mayo.

“(Jerod) Mayo and Steve have a close friendship, so the projected fit on staff would be as an assistant head coach/senior adviser type,” Reiss wrote. “Brian, who came up through scouting and most recently served as safeties coach from 2020 to 2023, was still showing up at Gillette Stadium late this past week.”

Given how long they've lived in New England and now have families of their own to consider when considering a new job, it's not entirely surprising that the Belichicks may be more interested in staying with the Patriots than initially thought.

It would also benefit Mayo, who needs to fill several positions on the staff, including the recently vacated offensive coordinator position after Bill O'Brien's exit last week. So, having Brian and Steve stay would significantly help the coaching search.

Besides the comfort of knowing they still have their job and will work for a friend, the idea of presumably being promoted, as Reiss mentioned for Steve, could be enticing enough to keep them in Foxboro as opposed to following Dad to what is likely to be the Falcons.

And then there's the thought of continuing a career in the NFL but working hard to get out of Bill's shadow. This could be their opportunity to do that, but blood is thicker than water, as they say, and following their dad elsewhere would also be understandable.