Patriots News: Bill Belichick, Jalen Ramsey, Josh Uche, and more

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Josh Uche is at the center of most Patriots' trade proposals

Among the short list of players that may not be safe before the trade deadline, Josh Uche has become a repeated name in many proposals across local and national media. As one of the more rising stars on the defense, he would likely reap the most return for the Patriots, who are allegedly hoping to add more draft picks to their repertoire.

Albert Breer was the latest to mention the fourth-year linebacker's name as a potential name to watch over the next four days, claiming Belichick will be taking calls for all players, with Uche being atop the list as the most valuable asset to move.

"I think the one guy that’s come up the most as a potential guy that could get moved is Josh Uche. … He’s valuable, and he has a premium skill, which is as a pass-rusher. So, they’re gonna listen on, my understanding is, just about everybody."

With so few days left until the trade deadline is here, it's looking less likely that Belichick will be participating in any big-time trades. He could still get a deal or two done, as he has waited until hours before the deadline hit in the past like with Jimmy Garappolo.


Considering the short list of valuable players they currently have on their roster, it wouldn't be surprising if nothing gets done. But we'll just have to wait and see.