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Jack Jones rips Boston Media and Patriots fans after joining the Raiders

As if the New England tenure for Jack Jones wasn't tumultuous enough, his exit has started to become just as dramatic.

After the Patriots chose to waive the cornerback less than 24 hours after returning to Foxboro from their Week 10 game in Frankfurt, he was quickly picked up by the Raiders and appeared thrilled to have a fresh start out west. He spoke kindly of the time spent in New England, even stating he had hoped to remain there for the entirety of his rookie contract but was happy to be somewhere that seemed to be a better fit for him.

It all seemed good and dandy in the first days following his departure. Bill Belichick didn't seem too unhappy about the situation, and Jones was seemingly celebrating becoming a Las Vegas Raider.

But that didn't last too long.

Earlier this week, Jones took to his Twitter/X account to blast Boston reporters for their inaccurate reporting on him, which is understandable. But he also went after Patriots fans, referring to them as lame, and waved them off in a now notorious tweet.

Criticizing the media for their reporting isn't necessarily unwarranted, especially for those in Boston who have been constantly called out by players over the years for their repeated negative or false accusations and reports. This is something Jones had done frequently during his time with the Patriots, stemming from his initial drafting all the way through to his final days with the team.

It's presumably what prompted this outburst by the 25-year-old, who had posted to his Instagram stories about his new head coach, stating he was the best coach in America. But it seems people weren't aware that Jones and Antonio Pierce have known each other since the corner was in college, the biggest reason he was excited to be claimed by the Raiders.

The part that doesn't feel the most justified is his attack on the fans.

Of course, there are trolls and miserable people in every fanbase who can be ruthless and disrespectful online. Unfortunately, that's how social media is and likely always will be. But the majority of Patriots fans openly defended Jones during his most scrutinized times, like his arrest during the summer or his benching during the season.

Most even expressed their disappointment upon hearing the news that Jones was waived, as they hoped he would build upon the stand-out moments from his rookie season.

Despite unleashing fury on the fans, it seems like they were just collateral damage in an emotional message posted by Jones. If he's active on social media like most others his age, he's well aware of the countless people who openly supported him and still do. But he should probably learn not to attack them when things aren't going so well.