Patriots News: Bill Belichick, Ezekiel Elliott, Rob Gronkowski & Rhamondre Stevenson

Los Angeles Chargers v New England Patriots
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Catch up with the latest news surrounding the New England Patriots after they accomplish the presumed impossible by defeating the Pittsburgh Steelers on Thursday Night Football.

Jabrill Peppers dedicates win over the Steelers to Bill Belichick

There have been countless rumors and speculation surrounding Bill Belichick's position within the Patriots all season long, with a sprinkle of suggestions that he has lost the respect of the locker room due to his "decline" as a coach.

Although the players haven't provided any indication of that being true and have actually done the complete opposite, the media has chosen to write that story numerous times in an attempt to convince everyone there is more drama behind the scenes due to the losing season.

There may be some tension within the team because of how the year has progressed, but it appears the camaraderie is intact, especially regarding players defending their head coach from the plethora of negativity over the last few months.

Besides the expected defense from a guy like David Andrews, the other most outspoken about his support for Belichick has been Jabrill Peppers, who continued his stance after the Patriots unexpectedly beat the Steelers on Thursday Night Football.

While speaking to reporters after the win, Peppers declared the victory was for Belichick. He expressed his unhappiness with all that has been said about the coach this season and essentially dedicated the game to him.

"We needed it. I just feel good we could get it done for Bill and the rest of the coaches. I don't really like all the flak he's been getting, because it's on us as players to go out and execute. I personally feel like the game plan has been phenomenal week in and week out, and when we had opportunities to make plays, we didn't make them. But we made enough tonight."

This is the same reaction the safety shared about Belichick just one week ago, but it resonates a bit more after the team managed to get a big win in Pittsburgh this week.