Patriots News: Bill Belichick, Ezekiel Elliott, Rob Gronkowski & Rhamondre Stevenson

Los Angeles Chargers v New England Patriots
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Ezekiel Elliott expresses guilt about the Patriots' lackluster offense this season

Watching almost any Patriots game this season has shown that the defense is very much outplaying the other half of the team despite being down star players like Christian Gonzalez and Matthew Judon. They've kicked it up a notch over the past month, keeping opponents to 10 points or under before their Thursday night matchup against the Steelers a few days ago.

It's become a common question to offensive players if they feel any responsibility (more than usual) for how the season has gone, seeing how well the defense has been playing, and a few players have expressed their unhappiness with their inability as a team to even things out.

Defensive players have hinted at or outright stated they were frustrated with how much pressure has been put on them to keep the team in games, mainly since they've had incredible difficulties even getting into field goal range. But now another player is joining the conversation, sharing his feeling of guilt about how poorly the offense has performed thus far and not providing the rest of the team any help because of it.

That's how Ezekiel Elliott felt before their game with the Steelers this week, stating they needed to figure it all out to help the defense from having to work even harder.

"I feel bad for those guys on the defense. They’ve been playing such good defense week after week. I mean, we got to figure out how to make more plays on offense and give them some help."

Fortunately, they were able to do that just a few hours later when they took home an impressive win in Pittsburgh. It was the best offensive showing since their win over the Bills several weeks ago, and it could have provided a clue of how they may finish the season.

But that may not be good, depending on who you ask.