Patriots News: Bill Belichick, Demario Douglas, Matt Patricia and Bailey Zappe

Kansas City Chiefs v New England Patriots
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Get updated with the latest news surrounding the New England Patriots after their Week 15 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs.

Bill Belichick reveals he has spoken to Patriots players about all the rumors regarding his job status

Throughout the season, Bill Belichick has made his weekly appearances on WEEI's "The Greg Hill Show" and wasn't much more forthcoming there than he is at the podium. Maybe it's because Boston talk radio has been the most brutal of their assessment of him in recent years on top of his usual straight-to-the-point nature, but that changed a bit on Monday when he revealed some surprising information.

Within the conversation about the Patriots' loss in Week 15 were questions about his job status becoming more murky and debated over the past week. Although Belichick chose not to address his feelings on the drama, reiterating he avoids hearing about any of the rumors as much as possible, he was asked if it's something he's had to talk about with the players.

That's when he made a surprising revelation; he does have those awkward conversations with the team.

"Yeah. We have open conversations about everything. Yeah."

Considering the amount of rumors constantly being floated this year, it seems impossible for Belichick to completely avoid it filtering into the locker room. Because of that, hearing that he has talked about it with the players, essentially to smooth things over and maybe even set some things straight, is the epitome of being a good leader.

Players have been heckled over the last several weeks with reporters hoping to get them to pile on their head coach. But Belichick's conversations with them behind the scenes have made handling it much easier for everyone.