Patriots named perfect trade fit for wrecking ball defensive stud

Washington Commanders v Atlanta Falcons
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The Patriots are in an excellent position to really bolster their team through blockbuster trades or big payday free agency contracts. They haven't done much of that so far this offseason, but they head into OTAs with the most cap space and have plenty of time to spend it.

Jerod Mayo and Eliot Wolf have said they planned on spending more to put the team over the top, specifically on a trade for a wide receiver, but after selecting two in last month's draft, that might be on the backburner for now.

If that's the case, other than extending a guy like Matthew Judon, perhaps they should explore making a trade for an impactful defensive lineman who could make their dominant defense that much better.

That's what The Draft Network's Justin Melo thinks they should do as we near the summer. For a number of reasons, he believes the Patriots are the best fit for Commanders' Jonathan Allen.

Christian Barmore could use an equally dominant co-star on the Patriots defense

With Barmore locked up for four more years with a hefty extension, and the Patriots have several integral players heading to free agency next offseason, Melo believes they should make a big move now for Allen.

He cites that the defensive tackle is likely leaving the team at the end of the upcoming season when his contract expires, which the Commanders seem to be good with since they drafted Jer’Zhan Newton in the second round of this year's draft.

Because he's probably Allen's replacement, the Patriots could easily swoop in and make a trade offer, something Washington might have difficulty turning down.

"New Patriots head coach Jerod Mayo is a defensive-minded leader who understands the importance of dominant play. The Patriots possess quality defensive linemen throughout their roster, but acquiring Allen would elevate them to "best in the league" territory. Now that the Patriots have drafted Drake Maye at quarterback, they can afford to aggressively pursue expensive veterans. That's the best way to take advantage of Maye's rookie contract.

The Patriots currently possess a league-leading $50.2 million in cap space heading into training camp according to Spotrac. They're also currently scheduled to have $110 million in effective cap space next offseason. The Patriots possess plenty of wiggle room to trade for Allen and extend his contract."

Jonathan Allen makes too much sense for the Patriots

On top of being an asset to pair with Barmore, Allen would be a solid addition to help take some of the load off Matthew Judon's shoulders. The linebacker has been the only consistent force as a pass rusher for the Patriots over the last three seasons, and adding Allen would increase their chances of wreaking havoc on opposing quarterbacks, especially those mobile players in the AFC East.

His versatility, strength, and power as a pass rusher and run defender are all qualities that could immediately boost the defense upon his arrival. On top of that, Allen is as reliable as they come, having only missed three games since 2018.

His availability led him to record 382 combined tackles, 57 tackles for a loss, 111 quarterback hits, a safety, and 39 sacks.

Despite concerns regarding his age (29), Allen doesn't appear to have slowed down. Just last season, he totaled 53 combined tackles, ten tackles for a loss, 19 quarterback hits, and 5.5 sacks.

Adding him alongside Barmore, who finally had his breakout season in 2023, would aid the defense universally. He could be a solid mentor for the rising defensive tackle, and the Patriots have the funds to keep him around for years.

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