Patriots Mock Draft: Pats crush it in this post-Belichick 3-round draft

Patriots address their greatest needs in an atypical draft.
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The Patriots' 2nd-round pick is an offensive tackle

With their second pick, the Patriots move for the best available offensive tackle on the board, Tyler Guyton from Oklahoma. Offensive tackle is a must-have in this draft, and the Patriots move quickly to fill one of the team's holes there. Guyton needs work in pass protection, but he has one natural attribute that will help immensely: his size.

Guyton is a massive 6'7" tall and 328 pounds. The Patriots need length in their offensive tackles, and Guyton provides it big-time. He'll likely start on the right side and maybe grow into the left tackle sport. Here are some scouting comments by about the gargantuan Sooner tackle,

"Guyton is an easy mover out of his stance with the size and explosiveness to get into his initial fit with very good power on angle-drive and double-team blocks and the burst to line up and blot out second-level targets on his climbs. His quickness also shows up when he's adjusting to scraping 'backers to flip his hips and seal off alleys off his backside...

"Guyton is a smooth mover in pass protection with the quickness, range and balance to protect the corner on an island, showing the ability to reach landmarks against wide rush alignments and expand his set points against high-side rushes. He also has a naturally strong anchor against the bull rush."

The Patriots have thus moved to shore up and upgrade their two most needy positions with their first two picks. If you are looking to maximize meeting your objectives, it's exactly the start of the draft you want to see. has him rated as its fifth-rated OT in the draft. Both picks are consensus picks.