Patriots Mock Draft: 7-rounds with big trades to build an unreal young offense

The Pats maneuver to a mega-dream offensive draft.
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Offense continues as the priority to end the Patriots' 2024 Draft

In the fourth round, Wolf continues to work for the board, and wheels pick No. 82, acquired from Indy, and his own pick No. 231 to Arizona for Picks No. 90 and 138. At 90, he can't pass up value and takes North Carolina's wide receiver, Devontez Walker. talks about Walker,

"All-day vertical target with long, linear frame and impressive build-up speed to win the footrace. Walker is a tale of two receivers. He’s a long strider who will excel running go routes, posts, corners and over routes... He’s a Day 2 field-stretcher for West Coast offenses looking to create explosive opportunities in the passing game."

The Patriots continue to rebuild the offensive line, taking offensive tackle Matt Goncalves of Pitt at pick No. 138 in the fifth round with the pick from Arizona. Goncalves is a 6'6" tall, 327-pound right tackle who adds further depth to the offensive tackle unit.

They finish up by taking a safety, Evan Williams, a 5'11", 200-pound safety from Oregon, with pick No. 182 acquired from Chicago. They then use their final pick, No. 193 from Jacksonville, and add another tight end, this time a massive blocker, 6'5", 271-pound Tip Reiman from Illinois.

That's it, an Eliot Wolf masterpiece. He's gotten his quarterback, three top wide receivers to completely remake that room, his starting left tackle and a right, two tight ends, and a depth safety.
Wolf crushed his two prime objectives, completing a consensus draft, i.e., picking players when they should have been picked, and restocking his lackluster offense in style. It all adds up to this: a five-star grade, A+++++.

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