Patriots Mock Draft: 7-rounds with big trades to build an unreal young offense

The Pats maneuver to a mega-dream offensive draft.
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Patriots continue with the offense by selecting TE Ben Sinnott with pick No. 65

With third-round pick, No. 65 acquired from Carolina, Wolf shores up another weak spot, tight end. He lands all-purpose Kansas State tight end, Ben Sinnott. Sinnott can catch it and block. The 6'4", 245-pound Wildcat caught 49 for 679 yards and six TDs in 2023. notes,

"Sinnott's overall profile presents a compelling case for NFL teams looking for a tight end who can contribute in a variety of roles ... Teams willing to invest in his development could find a gem in Sinnott, particularly in schemes that favor tight ends with the flexibility to line up both in-line and in the backfield.

Patriots double-dip at receiver by selecting Ja'Lynn Polk from Washington

With their own pick, No. 68, the Pats go back to wide receiver. They take Washington's Ja'Lynn Polk, a 6'1" tall, 203-pound receiver who caught 69 for 1159 and nine TDs last season. says this about Polk,

"One of the first things I noticed when studying Ja’Lynn Polk was his competitiveness. He believes every pass belongs to him ... He attacks the ball with full extension and the full use of his frame and limbs...With free releases, he can gear up to top speed and glide past flat-footed defenders down the field."