Patriots Mock Draft: 7-rounds with big trades to build an unreal young offense

The Pats maneuver to a mega-dream offensive draft.
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Patriots reload with more offensive talent in round 2 with receiver Ladd McConkey

It's expected that you hit on your first-round pick in the NFL, especially when it's in the top three or five, in this case, of the entire draft. It goes without saying. But oftentimes, the real strength of any draft is in the Day Two, second, and third (plus fourth, actually) rounds. That's where a draft is usually either made or broken.

Wolf seizes the moment and gets added value by again trading down a few picks, sending his own No. 34 and 104th picks to Carolina for their 39th and 65th picks. With his second pick in the draft, No. 37, acquired in this trade, Wolf goes right to a huge weakness in his offensive skill position: wide receiver. He lands Georgia wideout Ladd McConkey, who caught 30 passes for 478 yards and two TDs in nine games in 2023.

Here's how describes the 6'0", 186 pound Z receiver,

"If pass rushers have rush plans, McConkey has route plans that allow him to uncover on all three levels. His pace and rhythm make cornerbacks more reactive than proactive. He has the footwork and body control to snap off crisp breaks and open windows for his quarterback. He can manipulate coverage with an advanced feel for leverage and has enough top-end speed to get past cornerbacks who are non-believers."

Chris Price of the Boston Globe interviewed McKonkey about his interaction with the Patriots.

Patriots then take OT Patrick Paul in round 3 after a trade with the Colts

Next up at pick No. 39 acquired from Carolina, Wolf again works the board masterfully and once again trades down, sending picks 39 and 137 to the Indy Colts for picks 46 and 82 (another third-rounder). At No. 46 in the second round, the Pats tie up a new left tackle, their second most critical need after quarterback.

The choice here is an easy one: the best left tackle on the board is Patrick Paul, a gargantuan left-side protector from Houston. If you're looking for length (an absolute requisite for an NFL left tackle), Paul is your man, standing 6'7 1/2" tall, weighing 331 pounds, and possessing 36 1/2-inch-long arms.

If you like big. strong, left tackles with a nasty side and long arms, you'll like what has to say about Paul,

"Patrick Paul is a four-year starting left tackle inside Houston's RPO-heavy, balanced (53-47 run-pass split), zone-based run scheme with a tall, high-cut frame, excellent arm length and good athletic ability...Paul shows good quickness out of his stance with a mixture of 45-degree/angle and vertical sets to get to his landmarks on time. He has the range to expand his set points and stay attached against high-side rushes, too.

"Paul casts a wide net with his length, utilizing a circle punch to evade the cross-chop and has good stopping power in his anchor to strain and dissipate the bull rush. He also brings a tone-setting demeanor, consistently driving his feet through the whistle looking to bury opponents."