Patriots Matthew Judon calls out Micah Parsons on Twitter for being a bandwagon fan

Dec 2, 2022; Boston, Massachusetts, USA; New England Patriots defensive player Matthew Judon sits
Dec 2, 2022; Boston, Massachusetts, USA; New England Patriots defensive player Matthew Judon sits / Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

It may be the middle of the NFL offseason, but that doesn't stop potential new rivalries and new online beef from starting.

Known for his Twitter game, Patriots pass-rusher Matthew Judon made quite a splash recently when he called out Cowboys' Micah Parsons for wearing a Celtics jersey recently.

It all started when Parsons attended game four of the NBA's Eastern Conference semi-finals when the Philadelphia 76ers took on the Boston Celtics. His attire created quite a bit of controversy, as he was seen wearing a Tyrese Maxey jersey.

Because Parsons plays for Dallas and one of their bitter rivals is the Philadelphia Eagles, his fashion choice didn't sit well with many Cowboys fans.

A few days later, the former Defensive Rookie of the Year was in town for game one of the Eastern Conference finals in Boston, as the Celtics took on the Miami Heat. This time, however, he showed up in a Jayson Tatum jersey, tweeting a photo mocking the media for their takes from the last game he attended.

That's when Judon took notice.

The Patriots' star called out Parsons for his jersey switch-up, saying he was worse than Drake (a rapper known for wearing several different sports jerseys despite his open support for the Toronto Raptors) and called him a bandwagon fan.

And Judon didn't stop there.

Bleacher Report posted a video of Parsons meeting Tatum before game one. After greeting each other, Tatum immediately let Parsons know he saw him wearing a Sixers jersey just a few days prior.

Judon also quoted tweeted that video, letting Parsons know he disrespected Tatum by shaking his hand and asking for a signed jersey afterward.

Clearly, it's all just a fun back-and-forth between the two pass-rush specialists, but it's cool to see how deep Judon's loyalty to Boston has become since joining the team just two years ago.